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Our story

Back in 2005, a boat hire company was founded in Paxos by passionate people who dedicated their hearts to the sea. Since then, Panos Boats & Trips grown a little and now we are proud of being one of the best boat hire companies in Paxos and the Ionian Islands. Our passion for the sea and commitment to our guests remain the same! We, at Panos Boats & Trips, are dedicated to providing the best boating service and according to your sayings, it seems like we made it.
Panos Boats & Trips

Our awards

You rated us on Trip Advisor, and we win for many years in a row the Certificate of Excellence. We are very proud of it, and we thank you! Many years now, we also win the bronze award in Tourism Awards in the sector of Nautical Tourism. Lastly, we won the gold award in travel and hospitality awards as the best boat hire company and boat tour of the year 2020 and 2021 in the Ionian Islands (After that, we do not participate anymore in the competition)

Our goal

Our goal is not only to offer you high-quality boats for rent. We also want to prepare you to become the best captains on the sea and create together with your family and friends moments of happiness that will stay with you forever! We exclusively deal with boat rental and we know how to do it!
Panos Boats & Trips

30 HP Boats

As anyone who has ever spent time on the sea, we all know there can be hidden obstacles and dangers so, for our company, safety always comes first. We ensure that a fun day out does not turn into a stressful or alarming situation.
We provide the driver of a small 30HP boat – that does not require any boat license or experience – with all the information and training he needs to cope with an emergency, should one arise. That is the reason why we invest heavily in our guests’ knowledge and safety and we follow an in-depth procedure before permitting anyone to take to the sea.
We will give you written safety instructions, video tutorials, useful information about the Island a personal lesson with an experienced boat operator to assure that you will have a safe trip. With our high-quality GPS Tracking System, from our office, we monitor in real-time the precise location of every boat and can reach them immediately in case of an emergency.
We exclusively offer two rescue boats that are ready to intervene at any time 24 hours per day.
Paxos island

Powerboats, RIBs & Private Charter

For our qualified drivers, we have a big selection of RIBs that allows you to explore Paxos and Antipaxos in comfort and luxury and also visit other Ionian Islands (Corfu, Kefalonia, Ithaka, etc.) if you wish! For those who prefer to share the fun with a professional captain, a private charter is also available together with amazing daily boat excursions! Our qualified and experienced captains will travel you in absolute safety to the most fascinating places around Paxos. You will visit the blue caves, swim in the crystal blue waters, and visit Antipaxos to see some of the world’s most beautiful scenery! Relax and enjoy your trip and let the hard work for us.
Paxos Island

Our beliefs

We believe that there is nothing better in life than spending time on the water with the people that matter most. Come and share our passion for the water and spend quality time with your family and friends. We want your boat trip with us to be a truly memorable day. Explore the Ionian Sea and squeeze as much fun, excitement, and relaxation into your vacation as you possibly can. You haven’t truly seen the Ionian Islands until you’ve seen them from the water.
We live in Paxos, we love what we do and from the time we meet we count you as friends who also love the sea as we do. We always care about your safety and our biggest achievement is your big smile at the end of the day. Welcome to Panos Boats & Trips! Have fun with the people you love. We promise to offer you a wonderful experience that will turn your Paxos Holidays into a memory that will stay with you forever!
Looking forward to meeting you…
Panos Boats & Trips

Our Mission