Paxos Web Cam

Live Web Camera - Loggos, Paxos

Paxos Web Cam Live from Loggos Welcome to the most picturesque, fishing village in Paxos!

Many of you, probably know this place almost as well as we do, as we are very lucky to welcome repeated visitors in Paxos every year. For the rest of you that never been to our emerald island before, let us introduce ourselves. We, at Panos Boats & Trips, are locals who grew up in Paxos and we love this place with all our heart. We love the sea, the sun, and the pure nature of this tiny Ionian Island and we decided to turn our passion for the sea into a profession, so we now deal with boat rental and daily excursions. This company is the result of our efforts to help our visitors explore Paxos and Antipaxos and get closer to the real meaning of holidays.
You loved it and with great pleasure, we feel that you are also falling in love with this blessed Island and that is the reason why we decided to install this webcam in our office! To offer you the opportunity to feel closer to us even during the winter. By watching this stunning view from the comfort of your sofa, memories, sounds, smells… can fill your heart with beautiful emotions and happiness. Until we meet again next time!
If you accidentally found this link, you may consider visiting Paxos soon and live the dream! Because holidays on Paxos means freedom. You will forget all your problems and just enjoy the crystal blue waters, a walk at the beach, a great meal in one of the restaurants or a cold drink with your family and friends in one of the seaside cafes while enjoying this amazing view.

Our beautiful Loggos…

During the Winter period, Loggos is different but still charming. Only a few boats in the water, for the fishermen to go fishing, the bakeries and one or two cafes that operate and then… silence. All the locals are at home, enjoying a good rest after busy summers and getting ready to welcome you back again next spring – the best season! Full of smells and colors! This is the time when we also start dropping boats in the water (from little 30HP boat up to 700HP Luxury RIBs) and we prepare ourselves to help you explore Paxos and Antipaxos in the most fascinating way!
Enjoy the view of Loggos, and we will be delighted to meet you soon!
Panos & the Team
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