A sanctuary of love for Gods. A little Paradise which was chosen by Poseidon & Amphitrite to live their love. One of the least commercial Greek Islands! Paxos with the three small and romantic villages is blessed by nature, with clear blue waters and pebble beaches that must be seen to be believed. The Paxos group of islands consists of Paxos, Antipaxos, Mogonisi, Kaltsonisi, Panagia, St. Nicholas, and Dascalia.


Paxos’s capital and main port of the Island, Gaios, is separated by a natural breakwater from the small island of Agios Nikolaos.

With Venetian architecture and many side streets, you will get lost in the natural beauty of Gaios. Exploring the countless small shops with clothes and souvenirs and enjoy the romantic atmosphere.

You can choose a beautiful walk on the seafront to reach the Museum and Anemogiannis statue, reference points of Gaios.

Ice cream? Why not? You will find many shops selling fresh ice cream with numerous tastes, to make your walk even more… tasty.

When walking in Gaios, you will find mini markets to buy anything you need, bakeries for fresh bread, a post office to send postcards to your friends, two banks, and a Pharmacy.
Around the pedestrian central square, you will find many cafes to enjoy a coffee, a refreshing beer, or our traditional ouzo. In Gaios, you will find many high-quality bars to enjoy a drink or a cool cocktail and the one and only night club of Paxos. And what about lunch or dinner? Here you can enjoy the local Greek cuisine, fresh fish, pizza, pasta, and souvlaki.

From Gaios, you can reach one of the other beautiful villages of Paxos by taxi or using the local bus. It is not very regular, but still a fun experience.


A tiny and picture-perfect postcard fishing village that lies on the middle east coast of Paxos.
It has beautiful beaches (Marmari, Kipos, Kipiadi) that you can visit by car, on foot, or by boat. Here you will find only one mini-market and two bakeries that sell pastries and local sweets – one of them offers homemade bread baked in traditional wooden ovens and “laganaki” which you must taste. 
In Loggos, you will also find and ATMs in case you run out of cash, shops selling clothes, small gifts and handmade jewelry and boat hire companies.On the seafront, there are cozy bars with beautiful views to enjoy a fresh juice, coffee, or later in the evening a cool strawberry daiquiri or just traditional ouzo with surroundings.
You will fell in love with the view of lights reflecting on the water around the harbor, and a blanket of stars above. The atmosphere in the village is ideal to empty your mind of any thoughts and travel to the real meaning of holidays. Here you will find the highest standard of cuisine on the island.
There are many restaurants to choose from (all of them are great) depending on what you want to eat. From simple local plates to fresh fish and lobster. Loggos is a dream fishing village that offers you the simplicity, rather than a commercial feel.


Lakka is the second largest of the three main villages on Paxos. It is situated on the north tip surrounding a large and stunning natural harbor which is the favorite mooring point for sailing boats. It has two main beaches that you can reach on foot – a pebbled one called Kanoni and a sandy one called Harami. In Lakka, you will find two squares surrounded by mini markets, bakeries, cafes, restaurants, bars, and many little shops selling clothes, souvenirs, and handmade pieces of jewelry.
In Paxos, you will find more visitors that have been returning for years than first-time visitors. It’s about the atmosphere, the local people that welcome everyone, a walk to the beach… a frappe in a seafront cafe watching of a local fisherman with his catch and a cat waiting for a small fish, the queue in the local bakery for a loaf of fresh bread… the noise of local people talking to each other, the smell of the nature and the noise of the waves, the kids playing in the street and people hugging and kissing each other.