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Speedboat hire during your holidays on Paxos is inextricably linked to a sense of fun and offers you the chance to explore beaches that you cannot reach by car or on foot. For small boats (up to 30 HP) you do not need a license or any relevant experience. We provide you with all the necessary safety instructions you will need, as well as a lesson at sea (how the engine operates, how to reach the harbour, how to through the anchor etc), offered by an experienced instructor.
To hire a speed boat (over 30 HP), a relevant boat license and good experience are required. If you wish to charter one of our speedboats but you do not have a boat license, this is also possible. You can enjoy a day at sea with one of our experienced skippers who will take full responsibility for your trip.
For the small boats, it is not required -although it is recommended – to make a reservation, (especially for the months of July and August). For our speed boats, you will need to book one well advance, as most of them are booked already during winter period.
Contact us by phone or email us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If for any reason you do not receive a reply immediately, we would appreciate it if you could let us know, because sometimes requests end up in our spam folder and escape our attention.
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Rental of Speedboats with or without a Speedboat Certificate

In Greece, to rent a boat up to 30 HP, it is not necessary to have a speedboat license. However, for a speedboat, over 30 HP, a boat license is required as well as relevant experience.
With your boat, you can visit any remoted bay and discover all the secrets of our exotic islands. Destinations that without a boat seem like a dream, now are easily accessible!
Before you start your day, we will spend some time together to share all our knowledge with you. We will show you on the map all the wonderful places to visit with your boat in Paxos and Antipaxos, as well as all the places where you will be able to moor your boat safely.
Then, you will have a lesson in the sea, with one of our experienced boat operators. You will learn hoe to throw your anchor. How to reach the harbor and how to sail safely!
All instructions are always given based on the current weather conditions. Your safety is always our main priority.

Why choose a speedboat from Panos Boats & Trips?

There are many options when looking for speed boat rental on Paxos. But when you are looking for the best boat with the best specifications and the highest safety, then Panos Boats & Trips, is one way destination. Our company is family owned and was created many years ago by people who grew up in the sea and love her a lot since it is part of their lives. But the sea is unpredictable and hides danger, so, our primary goal is to share with you all the necessary information to assure your safety. In addition, we have equipped all our boats with the best GPS trackers, which gives us your position on the map in real time. All our boats have an emergency button that you can use in case you are in danger. In addition, we are the only company in Paxos that has two rescue service boats, available to intervene immediately in case of need. For all these reasons, we believe that we deserve the first place in your choices, and we thank you very much for that!
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Speedboat rental in Paxos at low prices

If you are looking for economical solutions regarding boat rental in Paxos, we are happy to assist you. Choose the boat of your dreams and we guarantee you an unforgettable day full of fun in the sea.
The prices vary depending on the type of boat, the period you are interested in and the duration of the rental. The cost of fuel is on top.
We will be happy to serve you and help create pleasant memories during your stay on our beautiful island.
Paxos Island

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Max Persons : 32
Starting Point: Loggos
Max Persons : 32
Starting Point: Loggos
Max Persons : 32
Starting Point: Gaios
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According to the Greek law, you must be at least 18 years old in order to be able to rent a boat
For boats with engines up to 30 HP, there is no need to have a speedboat license. For boats with engines over 30 HP, a speedboat license and relevant experience are required.
No. This is prohibited by the Greek law. It is very dangerous for bathers and can cause a very serious accident.

Many boat rental companies offer instruction and safety courses for beginners. If you’re not comfortable operating the boat, you may be able to hire a captain or guide to take you out

Yes. If you have good experience, you can of course moor your boat in any port.

Yes, this is possible.

Our speedboats (over 30 HP) can be rented either with a speedboat license or with one of our experienced captains who will take the responsibility of the trip.
Paxos is a magical destination full of surprises and many secret beaches that are not accessible by car or on foot. In addition, the entire western side of the island is full of caves and steep cliffs that you can only reach by boat. Therefore, renting a boat is essential during your vacation on our island. And let’s not forget the enchanting Antipaxos, which you can only visit by boat. Contact us and we will help you choose the most suitable boat for you, that will meet your needs and will offer you the most enjoyable day of your holidays.
Please contact us by email or call us, and we will send you several alternatives and the corresponding costs. If for any reason you do not hear from us immediately, please check your spam folder or contact us again.