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Special Boats for Parties - Bachelor Boats in Paxos

Are you thinking of organizing your party or bachelor party on a boat in Paxos? Are you looking for an amazing experience in the sea, but you don’t know where to ask for it? Imagine your special day, share your thoughts with us and we will take care of the rest. Paxos is full of hidden surprises beauties, waiting to be discovered by you. The schedule that we will follow, depends on your needs, taking into consideration the weather conditions to ensure an enjoyable trip. By choosing to celebrate a special occasion on a boat in Paxos, you gain the privacy and the freedom that the sea offers you, losing yourself in the crystal-clear waters of our emerald Islands. We promise to offer you a wonderful experience, I n a day full of fun, and help you create memories that will accompany you for a lifetime. Because boating is fun! Recommended for: day trips, special occasions (weddings, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), group corporate events, diving trips.

Special boats for special moments

Looking to rent a party boat on your vacation on? Would you like to organize your birthday party on a boat, enjoying the sun and the blue waters of Paxos and Antipaxos? If so, our boat “Lefcothea” is exactly what you are looking for. Our aim is to provide excellent personalized services that will meet your needs and satisfy even your most demanding guest. Please, contact us for more information.

Boat rental for parties & events

Is your birthday during your holidays and you are looking for the most excited way to celebrate with your family, friends, and everyone you love? At Panos Boats & Trips, we undertake to organize for you the most unique party at sea! Our boat has a capacity of up to 35 people and we can organize delicious catering for you with finger food as well as drinks and refreshments of your choice. We will organize a day trip with stops for swimming wherever you wish. Swim in the stunning caves with the crystal-blue waters, listen to music and dance on the boat while it sails! Enjoy cool refreshments under the sun and celebrate your birthdays in the most fun way with a dreamy scenery. Let us organize for you the party of your life and enjoy a wonderful day in the sea with your loved ones.

Bachelor boat rental

Are you looking for a bachelor boat in Paxos to celebrate with your friends before your wedding? At Panos Boats & Trips we have everything you are looking for. “Lefcothea” is a spacious boat that can accommodate up to 35 people and has a toilet (the only one in Paxos). We can organize for you and your guests an excursion that will include a guided tour around Paxos, stops for diving in deep blue waters and natural caves and a visit to Antipaxos and many other beautiful places that you cannot reach by car or on foot. We can arrange for you a catering with finger food and drinks as well. Of course, if you wish, we can combine our visit to Antipaxos with a stop for lunch in one of the restaurants with panoramic sea view. Treat yourself and your guests to the most enjoyable way to celebrate the last day of your single life. Congratulations!

Boat rental for special personal occasions

Are you planning your wedding in Paxos and looking for the most beautiful and traditional way for you and your guests to approach the church? Our boat Lefcothea, has a capacity of up to 35 people and we undertake the transport of the newlyweds and all the guests to the picturesque church of Panagia which is located on the islet of Panagia and is only accessible by boat. If your guests are many, there is the possibility of multiple routes to serve you all since the distance is very short. After the ceremony if you wish, we can take you by boat wherever you want for commemorative photos with the view of the endless blue. Sometimes, the couple offers a day trip by boat as well (the next day) as a sign of pleasure that they were honored with their guests’ presence. We often have couples celebrating anniversaries on our boat, with dear friends and family members. Finally, birthday and christening celebrations are frequent.

Boat rental for business / company events

Very often companies are looking for a creative way to organize a bonding event. Can you think of anything better than a day boat trip to know us better? In the sea we all relax and leave behind all our concerns and anxieties, and we are all in good mood. The sun and the endless blue, is the best combination and the most effective way to bring team members together, get to know each other, have great fun and bond as a team. What can you achieve by organizing a trip for your c company team members? To create friendly relations between the members of your team and to increase its productivity, since there will be no enmity and competition between its members but a feeling of cooperation and friendship. Say no to formal meals and lavish parties and choose for you and your team the highest quality way to have fun and develop a spirit of cooperation.

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