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Are you dreaming of your next vacation in a luxury villa in Ithaca but something is missing? Do you enjoy spending time at sea but can’t find the boat that meets your needs? With years of experience in boat rentals, we are proud to offer you the best, personalized, and high-quality service, contributing to turning your vacation into an unforgettable life experience. The rental of an inflatable boat with Panos Boats & Trips in Ithaca is mandatory with the captain’s service and requires a minimum rental period of three days.
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Explore Ithaca, the surrounding islands, and coasts by boat

Visit Atoko, a hidden gem of the Ionian Sea, located just 10 nautical miles from Vathy. Atoko is uninhabited, with its flora untouched for thousands of years. But perhaps you want to visit other destinations as well? With the comfort provided by your inflatable boat, travel to Kefalonia, visit the cosmopolitan Fiskardo, and explore the beautiful bays in the surrounding area. Or travel to Lefkada and visit the beaches of Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Kathisma, the cape of Nira, as well as Meganisi. And if distance is not a concern, why not visit Paxos and Antipaxos with their emerald waters, caves, and two of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Vrika and Voutoumi?

Rent the boat of your dreams & Vacation with a view of the endless blue in Ithaca

Explore the secrets of Ithaca in the most thrilling way and experience the natural beauty of this historic island. Visit the beaches of Afales and Platys Ammos and dive into their turquoise waters. Cross the cape of Agios Ioannis, swim in the bays of Nisaki and Gidaki, and explore the azure depths of Marangas. Wander around the island, discover your favorite spot, drop anchor, and enjoy the true meaning of holidays in Greece, far from noise, worries, and stress.
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Boat rental in Ithaca with a skipper

(we do not provide them without a skipper)
At Panos Boats & Trips, we have years of experience in boat and RIB rentals, and we guarantee the highest quality of service. For Ithaca, we have our luxury ten-meter RIBs available, as well as our luxury polyester cabin boat. The rental of the mentioned vessels is only done with one of our experienced skippers. If you have a speedboat license, you can also enjoy driving the boat, but the responsibility of the trip will be carried by your captain.
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Boat Rentals - The Best Choices - Ithaca, Greece

Our luxury boats range from eight to ten meters, with one or two engines, with or without a cabin, with or without a toilet. All our boats can accommodate from eight to ten people. Our captains hold all the necessary licenses and have many years of experience. Choose the boat of your dreams, and we promise to create an unforgettable life experience for you.
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Why rent a boat in Ithaca with Panos Boats & Trips?

At Panos Boats & Trips, we listen to your needs and enrich our fleet with boats that meet all safety standards. At the same time, we seek and offer boats with comfortable seating areas, large awnings, and easy access to the water with convenient ladders. The boats intended for the beautiful island of Ithaca are luxurious, something not found in the local market. If you are looking for luxury in your summer vacation, you are certainly in the right place.
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Boat - RIB boat rental in Ithaca: Boat rental from €480 per day

Luxury at your doorstep starting from €480 per day. Choose the boat that will spoil you during your vacation and discover the beauties of the Ionian Sea with absolute safety and privacy. Our fleet consists of luxurious boats that will make you feel at home while traveling on the water. There is no more beautiful way to explore the Ionian Sea, and we can guarantee it. We are at your disposal for any clarification, and we would be delighted to serve you.

Luxury boat charter - Huge variety of Boats

At Panos Boats & Trips, we specialize in renting luxury RIB boats with or without a cabin. All our boats have comfortable seating areas, sun canopy, a comfortable ladder offering you easy access to the sea, and big cushions for sunbathing and relaxing. Some of our boats have a cabin with a toilet, offering extra luxury to your vacation.
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Rent the ideal boat for you in Ithaca!

Sometimes, access to various parts of Greece is only possible by sea. That's when we step in, providing you with high-quality boat rental services and turning ordinary vacations into a life-changing experience. Embark on your luxurious boat and discover private beaches. Find crystal-clear waters, drop anchor, and enjoy dives and carefree moments in the middle of nowhere. Our captains will guide you through all the beauties of our land and fill you with unforgettable images and experiences.
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Luxury yacht charter - Huge variety of boats

Do you want to discover the hidden secrets of Ithaca in the most enjoyable way? Do you dream of adding new destinations to your vacations that you can visit with your luxury boat? Whatever your plans are, we would be delighted to hear from you and help you organize the most dreamy vacations! Choose one of our inflatables, embark, and feel the freedom that only the sea can offer you.

Nearby destinations to visit by boat in Ithaca

Ten miles from Vathi, Atokos is located. It is a hidden gem in the Ionian Sea. It is uninhabited, so it has the pristine beauty generously bestowed by nature. With your boat, you can be there in just a few hours! It’s worth a visit.
If you are willing to travel a little further, Kefalonia and Lefkada are waiting for you. Beaches with history and waters you wouldn’t expect to find in Greece. Azure and crystal-clear waters that people from all over the world dream of, stretch in front of you and await your enjoyment! And, although a bit far away, you can swim in the emerald waters of Paxos and Antipaxos and perhaps combine your visit there with an overnight stay.
We are eager to organize the most beautiful trip of your life for you

How to rent a boat with Panos Boats & Trips?

To rent a boat with our company, simply contact us by phone or email. A member of our team will provide you with all the necessary information and assist you in…


Theoretically, yes, but practically no. The boats we offer for rent in Ithaca are the luxurious inflatables and polyester boats from our fleet, and you can only rent them with one of our experienced captains who will also take full responsibility. If you wish, you can also drive the boat under the supervision of the captain.
Yes. In case you rent one of our boats, the cost of the captain is extra (including the cost of overnight stay and meals).
No. The cost of fuel is not included. At the end of the rental, you pay separately for the fuel you used.
You can only rent one of our luxury boats with a captain.
In beautiful Ithaca, you should visit Afales and Platy Ammos beaches. Don’t miss the cape of Agios Ioannis and a refreshing swim at Nissaki and Gidaki. With your masks on, you can dive and explore the azure depths of Marmakas.
In Ithaca, you will find the central port of the island, as well as two small ports in Kioni and Frikes.
The rental price depends on the type of boat you choose, the season, and the rental period. Please contact us for more information.