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Are you planning your summer vacation in a luxury villa or hotel in Kefalonia? If the answer is yes and you are looking for the most enjoyable way to explore the island or even visit other Ionian islands, you are in the right place. Our headquarters are in Paxos, and we have a fleet of luxury boats that can be delivered to Kefalonia, turning your vacation into an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the privacy of your own boat and experience the freedom that only the sea can offer. If you’re lucky, you may encounter loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta Caretta) or dolphins dancing around your inflatable boat. Don’t react abruptly, just stay calm, maintain a distance, keep quiet, and enjoy the wonder of nature. Boat rental should be for a minimum of 3 days, and the skipper service is mandatory.
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Boat Rentals - The Best Choices - Kefalonia, Greece

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Explore Kefalonia, the surrounding islands and coasts by boat

The best way to discover the beauty of Kefalonia and the surrounding islands is by sea! We specialize in leisure boat rentals and guarantee the creation of wonderful memories that will accompany you for a lifetime.

Rent the boat of your dreams & Vacation with a view of the endless blue in Kefalonia

Inflatable boat rental will provide you with the privacy and luxury you are seeking and deserve. Your captain will take responsibility for your journey, and you will enjoy the endless beauty of the Ionian Sea! Discover peaceful coves, dive into azure waters, and enjoy the magnificent underwater world, leaving behind the worries of everyday life. The true essence of vacations and relaxation can be found at sea, and we provide you with the most ideal way to explore it.
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Boat rental in Kefalonia with a skipper

(Only With Skipper)
At Panos Boats & Trips, we have the largest fleet of luxury boats and inflatables, providing you with high-quality services that meet your demands. Our boats are only rented with a skipper in Kefalonia, and we can also plan trips for you outside of Kefalonia. We are at your disposal for any relevant information.
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Why rent a boat in Kefalonia with Panos Boats & Trips?

Panos Boats & Trips specializes in boat rentals and is created by people who love the sea and have dedicated their lives to it. Our aim is to share our knowledge and love for the sea with you and transmit the calmness and serenity that the sea can offer. We love and respect the sea, and we offer you the safest way to enjoy it and create memories with your loved ones.
Paxos Island

Boat - RIB boat rental in Kefalonia: Boat rental from €600 per day

Luxury at your feet. Rent the boat of your dreams and explore the Ionian Sea in the most enjoyable way. The cost varies depending on the boat you choose, the period, and the desired days.
Paxos Island

Nearby destinations to visit by boat in Kefalonia

For additional fun and even more experiences, organize day trips to other islands in the Ionian Sea.
We suggest the following excursions starting from Fiskardo:

Ithaca & Atokos
Visit Ithaca and explore the natural beauty of this historic island in the most exciting way. Swim at the beaches of Afales, Marmakas, and Kourvoulia and discover the azure depths of Gidaki and Filiatra bays with your mask. A good choice for your lunch break is Sarakiniko. Combine the exploration of Ithaca with a visit to Atokos, a hidden gem of the Ionian located just 10 nautical miles from Vathi. An uninhabited small island with untouched flora for thousands of years and unparalleled natural beauty.

Lefkada & Meganisi
Combine both destinations in one day or, even better, stay overnight on one of the two islands to visit as many places as possible without rush. In Lefkada, you must not miss the impressive landscapes of Egremni and Porto Katsiki. Accessing these two beaches on foot is quite challenging, so visiting them by sea is the best way to see, admire, and swim in these enchanting waters. Also, visit the beaches of Ammoussa and Mikros Gialos and continue your journey to Meganisi. There, explore the seabed at the beach of Ammoglossa with its stunning turquoise waters, and visit the Papanikolis Cave.
Paxos & Antipaxos
In about two hours, you will have arrived at these two emerald islands of the Ionian Sea, a Paradise on Earth. Explore around Paxos, explore the caves (e.g., Ipapanti, Achaia, Ortholithos), and swim in the incredible turquoise waters that you have to see to believe. In Antipaxos, visit the sandy beaches of Vrika and Voutoumi – two of the most beautiful in the world – and don’t miss Rodovani, located on the western side of the island.
Rodovani is not so well-known, but it is a place you must visit at least once in your life – one of the favorite hideaways for swimming, picnicking on the boat, fishing, and endless hours of relaxation. Enjoy a refreshing drink, coffee, or soft drink at one of the seaside cafes in Gaios or Mongonissi and savor a high-quality lunch at one of the restaurants in Loggos. On your return, if nature is generous enough, it will gift you with a sunset with pink, orange, and red shades. It is recommended to combine your visit to Paxos and Antipaxos with at least one overnight stay for more comfort.
Paxos Island

How to rent a boat with Panos Boats & Trips?

To rent one of our boats, contact us via email or phone, and someone from our team will assist you immediately. If you don't receive a prompt response, please contact us again because sometimes emails end up in the spam folder.


No. In Kefalonia, we provide our boats only with a captain. If you have a speedboat license, you can also drive the boat under the captain’s supervision, who will be responsible for your vessel.
In Kefalonia, boat rentals are always accompanied by the service of a captain.
If desired, you can visit other Ionian islands, enriching your vacation with additional places, sights, and memories.
In Kefalonia, you have access to many amazing beaches by car or on foot, but there are several stunning places that can only be reached by boat. Travel between Agia Efimia and Fiskardo and stop at many secluded coves (Kaminia, Xilokavos, Foki, Emplisi, Dafnoudi, etc.) to enjoy a refreshing swim, sunbathing, and explore the beautiful Ionian seabed with your mask. Explore the southern part of the island and visit Skala, Katelios, and Lourdas. Visit Eglini Beach, Makry Gialos, and the beautiful Argostoli on the western coast for a refreshing drink or your lunch. During your vacation in Kefalonia, don’t miss dedicating a day to Myrtos Beach with its mesmerizing turquoise waters. Combine your visit to Myrtos with a stop in the small traditional village of Assos, where you can enjoy a traditional meal at one of the seaside taverns. Feel the freedom offered by boat vacations in Greece and explore the hidden beauties of the island on your own.
The main ports of Kefalonia are located in Argostoli, Sami, Poros, Fiskardo, and Pessada.
The price of renting a boat in Kefalonia varies depending on the period you wish to rent the vessel, the rental days, and the boat you choose.