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If you are one of the lucky ones planning your vacation in the dreamy Meganisi, boat rental should be an essential part of your itinerary. At Panos Boats & Trips, we specialize in luxury boat rentals, guaranteeing moments of relaxation and carefree enjoyment at sea with your loved ones. For transporting one of our boats to Meganisi, a minimum rental duration of 3 days is required, and captain service is mandatory.
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Boat Rentals - The Best Choices - Meganisi, Greece

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Explore Meganisi, the surrounding islands and coasts by boat

Renting a RIB in Meganisi will give you the opportunity to discover, with absolute safety and privacy, all the beaches that are inaccessible from the mainland and transform your trip into an unforgettable life experience.

Rent the boat of your dreams & Vacation with a view of the endless blue in Meganisi

The ultimate way to explore Meganisi and its surrounding areas! Choose from a wide range of boats and RIBs and leave all the details of your journey to us.
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Boat rental in Meganisi with a skipper

(only with a skipper provided)
One of our experienced skippers will guide you through all the hidden secrets of Meganisi and take you wherever you desire. Drop anchor in crystal clear waters and enjoy your vacation at sea in the most entertaining way.
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Why rent a boat in Meganisi with Panos Boats & Trips?

Because we have the most modern and extensive fleet of boats and provide high-quality services that will satisfy even our most demanding visitors. Boat rental is not just our profession, it's our whole life!
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Boat - RIB boat rental in Meganisi: Boat rental from 500€ per day

If you're looking for a luxurious RIB boat to accompany your vacation in Meganisi, you've come to the right place. Contact us for more information.
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Rent the ideal boat for you in Meganisi!

Boats ranging from 8 to 10 meters are at your disposal to choose the most suitable one for you. Contact us and give a new breeze to your this year’s vacation.

Luxury boat charter - Huge variety of boats

At Panos Boats & Trips, we provide comforts that will make you feel at home and well-trained staff who will offer you moments of relaxation and carefreeness at sea. Our luxurious boats will breathe new life into your vacation and spoil you as you deserve.
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How to rent a boat with Panos Boats & Trips?

You can contact us by phone or send us an email. We will respond promptly and will be happy to meet your expectations.

Nearby destinations to visit by boat in Meganisi

We have designed and recommend the following excursions from Meganisi with your boat.


Kaminia, Xylokaravo, Foki, Emblysi, Dafnoudi, and more are the most popular beaches on the island. Anchor, swim, and explore the transparent waters of the enchanting underwater world of the Ionian Sea with your snorkeling gear. Don’t miss visiting Myrtos Beach – a place you must see at least once in your life! Visit Assos and Fiskardo for a walk, a drink, or a delicious meal at one of the seaside restaurants and bars.

Ithaca & Atokos

Ithaca, the famous island of Odysseus, will enchant you with its crystal-clear waters, beautiful settlements, and breathtaking landscapes full of dense vegetation. Swim at beaches like Afales, Marmakas, Kourvoulia, and explore with your snorkeling gear the turquoise waters of Philiatro and Gidaki Bay. Enjoy your lunch at one of the traditional seaside taverns, and if you have some extra time, combine your visit to Ithaca with a trip to the small uninhabited island of Atokos, known for its untouched flora.

Kalamos & Kastos

Kalamos is a small mountainous, green island with rocky shores and two main villages. Dive into the beautiful beaches of Myrtia, Asprogiagali, Agrapidia with windmills, Peukos, Kefali, and Cedros, and visit the beach of Agios Konstantinos with its small stone chapel. Kastos is another small green island with a harbor and a unique settlement of paved houses and traditional seaside restaurants. Explore the beautiful beaches of Ambelakia, Vali, Limni, Kaminia, and the Sarakiniko mole, a favorite refuge for boats.

Paxoi & Antipaxoi

It is ranked among the best destinations worldwide! It is the ideal choice for relaxing holidays under the summer sun, surrounded by picturesque landscapes. On the west coast of the island, explore its wild beauty by entering the caves of Ypapanti, Achai, and Ortholithos. Admire the imposing cliffs and the natural arch of Trypitos, drop anchor in the azure waters, and enjoy the true meaning of holidays in Greece. In Antipaxoi, indulge in the turquoise waters, golden sand, and white pebbles awaiting you at the fairytale beaches of Vrika and Voutoumi. Relax and enjoy this earthly paradise! Enjoy your lunch at one of the two aforementioned beaches or in Moggonisi. Before your return, visit the three traditional villages (Lakka, Gaios, and Loggos) for a walk and a refreshing drink at one of the seaside cafes.


On the northwest coast of Epirus, overlooking the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, the picturesque and colorful town of Parga with its island atmosphere and cosmopolitan vibe will surely steal your heart. Protected under the shadow of the Venetian castle, explore the old town, enjoy the breathtaking view, and with a refreshing cold drink, let your gaze wander into the emerald waters of the Ionian Sea. A romantic stroll along the promenade is a must, with tourist shops, stylish restaurants, and bars overlooking the illuminated castle and the island of Panagia. Visit the beautiful beaches of Piso Krioneri, Valtos, Lychnos, Agios Giannakis, Sarakiniko, and the cave of Aphrodite.


Unfortunately, boat rental in Meganisi requires the mandatory service of a captain. If you have a license, you will be able to enjoy the experience of driving a high-quality boat under the supervision of your captain.
Boat rental in Meganisi is only available with a captain.
Discover the sea caves of Yovani, Demon, and Papanikoli, where the homonymous submarine was hidden during World War II. In Meganisi, you will find enchanting beaches such as Porto Elia with its white pebbles, Pasoumaki, the pebble beach of Limonari, Ambelakia, the Spilia beach, Fanari, Atherinos, and more. Embark on your boat and feel the joy of exploring small charming coves. Drop anchor and enjoy swimming in the azure waters. If you’re looking for something more, visit other Ionian islands and the Greek coastline.
Meganisi is the largest island in the cluster of the Princes’ Islands of Lefkada, hence its name. It is the peaceful force of June, offering its own proposal for calm and quality vacations, constantly winning the preferences of Greek and foreign visitors. If you are one of those who enjoy visiting places before they become touristy, then Meganisi is the right choice for you. It offers a slow pace, tranquility, privacy, moments of relaxation, beautiful beaches, and a sophisticated cosmopolitan atmosphere. Visit the villages of the island, Katomeri, Vathi, and Spartochori, as well as the nearby islands of Scorpios, Kalamos, Skorpidi, and more. Built on a hill, the peaceful Spartochori is characterized by traditional houses and picturesque alleyways, a magnificent view of the sea, and a natural harbor with a beautiful beach. Katomeri is the capital of Meganisi. Wander among the stone houses and small shops and enjoy the nature, carefreeness, and lightheartedness that such a destination can offer. Visit the picturesque coastal village of Vathi and feel the pulse of the island, discover traditional fish taverns, restaurants, and cafes, as well as a modern marina that hosts a multitude of boats. In the evening, enjoy a walk along the beach, gazing at the lights reflecting on the surface of the sea.
The largest port of Meganisi is the one in Spartochori.

To rent a boat from Panos Boats & Trips, you will need to inform us about the number of people on board and the desired rental period, and the price will be determined accordingly. Please contact us for more information.