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Dreaming of a Caribbean vacation, but prefer to visit Greece this summer? Don’t worry at all! In the Ionian you can find the beauty of the Caribbean and the warmth of Greek hospitality – a combination that will turn your summer vacation into a dream.
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Boat Rentals - The Best Choices - Sivota, Greece

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Explore Syvota Thesprotias, the surrounding islands and coasts by boat

If you wish to explore the hidden secrets of Sivota, then renting an RIB boat is a must. Choose the boat of your dreams and we promise to organize for you the most special day of your vacation, offering you moments of relaxation and fun. Contact us, and a member of our team will assist you immediately, giving you all the information you are looking for, regarding Sivota boat hire.

Rent the boat of your dreams & enjoy your Vacation with a view of the endless blue in Sivota

At Panos Boats & Trips, we specialize in boat and luxury RIB rental. We have a wide variety of boats, from seven to ten meters and we provide the highest level of services. Our captains have many years of experience, and they will show you all the hidden beauties of the Ionian, by reaching places that are not accessible by car or on foot. If you have a speedboat license and good experience too, you can enjoy driving a high-performance boat and explore Sivota and other dream destinations on your own. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding Sivota boat rental.
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Boat rental in Sivota with or without a skipper

Are you organizing your dream holidays to Sivota and looking for the highlight of your vacation? Panos Boats & Trips specializes in boat and RIB boat rentals and guarantees the most enjoyable and fun experience at sea with the people you love! If you have discovered a hard-to-reach area on the map and still wish to visit it, rent a boat in Sivota and make your wish come true. Discover hidden beaches, swim in enchanting caves, and feel like you are in exotic places, enjoying the luxury you deserve. We are at your disposal for relevant information, and we promise to organize for you an excursion to the sea that will be unforgettable!
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Find the best boats in Sivota

We have the largest fleet of RIB boats, and we are happy to help you choose the one that suits your needs.
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Why rent a boat in Sivota with Panos Boats & Trips?

At Panos Boats & Trips, we have the largest and most modern fleet of RIB boats and each year we invest following your needs, to new boats to cover your inquiries and offer you the best quality services.
Paxos Island

Boat - RIB boat rental in Sivota: Boat rental from 270€ per day

Our fleet consists of boats from seven to ten meters and the prices vary depending on the boat you will choose. Please, contact us for more information.

Proposals for renting boats – RIBs

Choose the boat that better suits your needs and explore the enchanting landscapes of Sivota with your loved ones! If you do not have a speedboat license, one of our experienced captains will take you wherever you want in absolute comfort and safety.
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How to rent a boat with Panos Boats & Trips?

Please contact us either by phone or email and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Nearby destinations to visit by boat in Sivota


Located next to Sivota, Parga is a charming, amphitheatrically built town, with many colors that will steal your heart. You can reach Parga by boat, explore the old town, visit the castle, and take amazing photos from the top of the hill with a stunning view. Then you can return to your boat and explore the numerous beautiful beaches (Piso Krioneri, Vlatos beach, Lychnos, Agios Giannakis, and Sarakiniko) and the islet of Panagia. Drop your anchor anywhere you wish and enjoy the crystal-clear waters while snorkeling and enjoying a refreshing swim. Do not forget to visit Aphrodite’s cave. Choose a seaside restaurant to enjoy a tasty, traditional lunch, continue your boating day and on the way back, have your cameras ready to capture the beautiful colors of the sunset.


One of the most beautiful places to be. Visit the old town where you can wander and admire the stunning architecture. Depending on what you want to do, you will find many little shops selling, souvenirs, clothes, shoes, and traditional cafes serving cold coffee, fresh juices, and homemade ice cream. When in Corfu, do not forget to visit the church of Saint Spyridon, a place with a big history. We recommend you not spending all your day in the city of Corfu because there are plenty of places to visit by boat too. So, it’s time to explore the beautiful beaches of Corfu (Barbati, Nissaki, Agni, Kerasia, etc.) and then stop for a tasty lunch in one of the seaside traditional restaurants. On the way back, we can stop for one more refreshing swim, and if you wish a cold drink.

Paxos & Antipaxos

A trip that you must include in your holiday program! There is no way you leave Sivota without spending at least one day in Paxos and Antipaxos, the emerald nearby Islands of the Ionian. There, you will explore the blue caves (Ypapanti, Achai, Ortholithos) and you will stop for a swim anywhere you wish to enjoy the unbelievably turquoise waters that you must see to believe that they exist. You will snorkel under the natural arch of Tripitos and you will spend some time to wander the picturesque villages of Paxos (Gaios, Loggos, and Lakka) and to enjoy a fresh juice, coffee, or ice cream.

Then, you will continue with a visit to Antipaxos, where you will stop at Vrika and Voutoumi beaches – two of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You will swim and snorkel as much as you wish, and you can combine your visit there with a tasty lunch in one of the restaurants with stunning sea views. On the way back, you will cross the narrow channel between Mongonissi and Caltsonisi, you will sail in Gaios and slowly return to Sivota.

Othonoi & Ereikousa

The two small Islands located northwest of Corfu. Not at all touristic, ideal for people that want to spend their day in privacy. There, you must visit the cave of Calypso, lie down and enjoy the sandy beach of Aspri Ammos and of course, get mixed with the locals that will be very happy to prepare for you a fresh, homemade meal and share with you stories and legends of their Islands.


When in Kefalonia, there are plenty of beaches to explore (Kamini, Ksilokaravo, Foki, Emplisi, Dafnoudi, etc.). You can choose your favorites and drop your anchor, swim, and snorkel in the transparent waters of the Ionian. Do not miss Myrtos beach – a place that you must visit once in your life! Beautiful villages to wander and enjoy your drink or lunch are, Assos or Fiskardo.

Ithaca & Atokos

A beautiful Island with a big history and exceptional beauty. Swim at the beautiful beaches (Afales, Marmagkas, Kourvoulia, etc.) and snorkel in the turquoise waters of Filiatra and Gidaki bay. You can enjoy your lunch at Sarakinko beach in one of the seaside restaurants. We recommend you combine your visit to Ithaca with the small islet of Atokos – a little island with no habitants.

Lefkada & Meganissi

Plenty of places to visit in Lefkada, but a must-do, is a visit to Egremni and Porto Katsiki. Two places that are both difficult to be reached on foot, so a boat rental is helpful on that occasion. Don’t forget to bring your masks with you and swim in the waters that define the beauty of Greece. Do not miss to also visit Amoussa and Mikros Gialos beaches and if you wish, you can combine your visit to this beautiful Island with a trip to Meganissi. There, swim and snorkel in Ammoglossa beach with the stunning waters and visit the famous Papanikolis cave.


Yes. A speedboat license and very good relevant experience is essential.
Yes, you can explore the entire Ionian if you wish.
If you are an experienced boat operator with a relevant boat license, you can drive one of our boats by yourself. Otherwise, you can share the experience with one of our professional captains, relax and enjoy the trip! If you’re looking for extra fun, organize trips to the mainland or the Ionian Islands and create more memories with your family and loved ones.
With your boat you can explore Sivota, but there are other destinations for you to discover! We can organize for you the excursion you are dreaming and we promise you endless fun in the water with your loved ones.
Sivota offers plenty of options, but if you’re looking for a unique experience, renting a boat is a must. Visit the beautiful beaches of Bela Vrakas, Pisina, Agios Nikolaos, Mavro Oros and Mourtemeno. The clear and beautiful waters and the natural beauty of the landscape will make you feel like you are in Paradise.
Sivota has a small, picturesque harbor where you can moor your boat.
Prices vary depending on the boat you choose. Please, do not hesitate to ask us for relevant information.