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Paxos Island

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VIP Boat / Sea Transfer Service in Paxos and the Ionian Islands

Your transfer to any of the Ionian Islands can easily be turned into a unique experience with one of our luxury boats. We have a wide range of inflatable and polyester boats, with or without a cabin, that will meet your needs and offer you an extra enjoyable day at sea. Our goal is to arrange for you and offer you the perfect, professional VIP transfer to Paxos, in absolute safety, comfort, and privacy. If you are looking for more than just a water taxi, you are in the right place.
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Sea Transport - Sea Taxi

Paxos is a dream destination in Greece, that people from all over the world visit or dream to visit every year. The access to the island is relatively easy, although sometimes flight times make it impossible to let our guests visit our island on the same day. So, if you cannot be served by the ferry line that connects Corfu with Paxos, or if you are simply looking for privacy during your transfer to our island, we provide VIP island transfers! Taste the luxury and enjoy the best trip of your life, experiencing unique moments of freedom and relaxation!

Sea Transportation with comfort and luxury

Are you looking for comfort and luxury in your sea transportation? Whether you wish to move from island to island with speed, safety, and comfort, or simply want to be transported in style from your villa to a seaside restaurant to enjoy your dinner, at Panos Boats & Trips we have the best boat to fulfill your wish. Contact us and we promise to find the perfect boat for your Paxos VIP sea transfer service!
Paxos Boats & Trips

Sea Transport - Transfers - Guided by Panos Boats & Trips

With many years of experience and with the largest and most modern fleet of inflatable and polyester boats in Paxos, we undertake your transportation throughout the Ionian Sea safely, and we promise to turn your trip into an experience of a lifetime. In addition, we organize together with you tailor made day trips with a captain. Our highly trained staff is always ready to serve you and travel you anywhere you wish. Get on board and feel the luxury you deserve…
Paxos island

We can undertake your transport, quickly & responsibly!

If you wish to be transported with discretion and absolute safety to a resort, villa or even a private island, we offer you tailor made services based on your needs. Choose the boat of your dreams and one of our experienced captains and enjoy your private VIP transfer in Paxoi, with one of our water limousines.
Paxos Island

Panos Boats & Trips marine transport services

Usually, transfers to little, isolated islands like Paxos are associated with long waiting times at the port, under the heat. Not pleasant at all! If you wish to escape from the classic time-consuming sea transport services, it will be our pleasure to serve you. We happily offer you a private boat transfer and we promise to bring you on Paxos or any other Ionian Island, fast and with absolute safety. You can choose among a big range of Inflatable and polyester boats, with or without a cabin. With many years of experience in the sea, we promise to provide you with excellent transport services and moments of relaxation and fun during your trip.
Paxos Island

Direct Sea Transfers

We immediately and safely undertake your transport from any Ionian Island to any destination. The most common route we undertake is from Corfu to Paxos due to due to limited ferry routes. Charter the boat of your choice and we promise to take you quickly and safely to your dreamed destination.

Why choose us for your VIP transfer?

At Panos Boats & Trips we have the most modern fleet of inflatable and polyester boats, with one or two engines, with or without a cabin. Our boats meet all specifications and follow all safety rules. All our captains are local, they know our islands very well, they are well trained, with many years of experience at sea, and they are all very friendly and discreet. Finally, all our boats are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS safety trackers, giving us in real time the position of all our boats on the map. Thus, in case of need we can intervene immediately with one of our rescue boats. At Panos Boats & Trips our goal is to provide you with a safe trip while creating a beautiful summer memory.
Paxos island

Advantages of sea transport

When you charter a boat privately for your transportation, you avoid long waiting time in the crowded ports. In addition, you can combine your journey with several stops to swim in the blue waters of the Ionian Sea or even to enjoy a meal in a traditional restaurant.
Paxos Island

Maritime Transports (Transfers) and Safety Rules

All our boats meet all safety rules and are equipped with all the necessary safety equipment (life jackets, fire extinguishers, etc.). In addition, all our boats are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS safety trackers giving us the position of all our boats on the map in real time. So, in case of need, we immediately intervene with one of our rescue boats (we are the only company in Paxos that has rescue boats).