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Hire a RIB in Paxos and get lost to the natural beauty of our emerald Islands.

Water Sports Paxos - Fun Boats

We offer a variety of water sports activities for extra fun on Paxos. All of our visitors have the opportunity to enjoy water sports such as tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding all day long. If you have a speedboat license and good experience in handling watercraft, you have the option, for a small additional fee, to rent any of our water toys and provide your family and friends with endless moments of laughter and fun. We will guide you to the best spots on the island for water sports, depending on the weather, and the fun begins!

If you don’t have a speedboat license but still want to enrich your vacation with extra fun and new experiences, our professional captains will take the helm and give you the most enjoyable day of your holiday at sea.
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Paxos - Boat Tours and Water Sports

Paxos is perfect for swimming in crystal-clear waters and enjoying additional moments of laughter that water sports can offer! During your vacation, enjoy your choice of watersports and combine your exploration of our island’s attractions with extra water fun.

Water Sports for Extra Fun on Paxos

If you’re a sporty type and don’t want to lose your form during your vacation, you can enjoy your favorite water sports by renting a boat on Paxos. With specific boats from our fleet, you can rent favorites for both young and old, such as tubing, water skiing equipment, and wakeboards. Special life jackets are provided by us. Please note that water sports are not insured.
Paxos Boats

Water Sports Equipment and Athletic Activities by Boat

Renting a boat provides you with moments of joy and relaxation with your loved ones, but you can also combine your sea excursion with athletic activities. The most well-known and common water sports are skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. At Panos Boats & Trips, we can provide you with the equipment and offer information so you can add additional fun moments to your day.

The water sports service complements boat rentals. We do not have a relevant license. As a result, the responsibility is entirely yours since water sports activities are not insured.
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Water Sports & Games - The Best Choices

There are many options for sea fun, but we also offer you, in addition to renting one of our speedboats, skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. Choose your favorite game and have a blast in the water while maintaining your shape during your vacation in the most enjoyable and refreshing way.
Paxos Island

Equipment & Accessories for Water Sports

At Panos Boats & Trips, we provide you with the game of your choice and the relevant equipment (ropes, hooks, life jackets). You bear full responsibility since our water sports activities are not insured.


No. Water sports are only rented with boats equipped with engines of at least 175 horsepower. Additionally, not all water sports are compatible with all our boats, so you should ask us about compatibility to avoid disappointment.
Reservations are necessary to prepare the necessary equipment on our side.
Yes, of course. You can rent the games for as many days as you wish.
To enjoy water sports, you must respect the law and maintain a safety distance from the shore, equivalent to at least 500 meters, to avoid accidents.
During water sports activities, the use of a special life jacket provided by us is mandatory.
Water sports activities are not insured, so their use is entirely at your own risk.
We rent you the boat and equipment, and you can enjoy water sports for as long as you want. The rental is on a daily basis.
No. Our professional activity is boat rental. We do not have a license for water sports, so we cannot provide you with water sports by the hour. We simply provide you with the equipment as an additional service, and you are solely responsible for its use.
Theoretically, yes, but practically not. To enjoy water sports, you must have the right weather conditions. We will give you all the relevant instructions to ensure your safety and enjoyment when using water sports.
The choice is yours. We have skis, wakeboards and curlers. Not all boats are compatible with all water toys, so if you are a fan of a certain toy, don’t forget to ask us if you can rent it together with your boat.
To enjoy water sports safely, you must observe the safety distance from the shore, as required by the law. Therefore, you should be at least 500 meters away from the land to avoid serious accidents. Regarding your personal safety, you should always wear the special life jacket when engaging in any water sport. Whether you are a good swimmer or not, the use of a life jacket is mandatory. Always apply sunscreen when enjoying water sports, as while you stay refreshed, the sun can burn you, and the end result might not be very pleasant. Finally, you must strictly follow all the instructions we provide regarding the weather to ensure your safety.