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RIB Tenders - Tender Boats for Yachts in Paxos

Are you looking for the best yacht tenders with excellent performance, to accompany your luxury yacht in the blue and crystal-clear waters of Greece? Are you dreaming of the best way to approach the coastline and explore the small hidden beaches of the Ionian Islands? Would you like to organize day trips to the surrounding areas and enjoy high speeds and maybe some water sports? We provide you with the best quality boats offering stability, luxury, and excellent maneuverability.
For all of you who are looking for nothing less than perfect, we have a fleet of high-quality inflatable boats – from seven to ten meters – and we are always happy to serve you and help you find the best, top-performance inflatable tender for your luxury yacht. Our aim is to help you create experiences that will be unforgettable, ensuring that you will enjoy the comfort and the safety that you deserve. Our experienced crew is your disposal and happy to serve you. Get on board and feel the luxury you are looking for…
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RIB Tenders - Tender Boats

Are you looking for the ideal tender boat for your luxury yacht? We will be happy to assist you and offer you high quality services that will meet your needs and contribute to creating unforgettable memories in the Ionian Islands. If you wish to charter one of our tender inflatable boats with one of our experienced captains, this is possible too. Our captains have all the necessary certificates and many years of experience at the sea. They know all the secrets of our islands since they are locals, and they will guide you safely and discreetly through all the enchanting landscapes of our islands. Contact us and we promise to respond promptly and meet your every need.

Escort of luxury yachts by Luxury Ribs

All luxury yachts are accompanied by tender boats, making it possible to approach small coves and harbors and offering extra fun on the water with water sports. At Panos Boats & Trips, we provide you with a wide range of inflatable tenders, which will cover all your requirements and offer you additional moments of pleasure and luxury during your holidays in our emerald islands of the Ionian. We are at your disposal, and we will be happy to assist you.
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Why choose a tender boat from Panos Boats & Trips?

There are always many options but, when in Paxos and looking for a tender boat (inflatable or polyester), then, Panos Boats & Trips can offer you the biggest variety.
Our fleet is the largest on the island and perhaps one of the largest in the Ionian. At Panos Boats & Trips, you will find the boat that will meet your needs and fulfill the expectations of even the most demanding passenger. Here, you will find boats from seven to ten meters, with one or two engines, with or without a cabin. All our boats provide comfort and safety. They have large seating areas, awnings, and a convenient ladder for easy access to the water.
If you wish, you can also rent water toys (tube, skis, wakeboard) for some extra fun. If you wish, you can charter the boat of your choice with one of our experienced captains who will take the responsibility of your trip.
All our boats meet all safety specifications and rules, and they are equipped with all the safety equipment and with GPS trackers that shows us in real time where you are located. As a result, we can intervene immediately in case of emergency with one of our rescue boats.
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Why do you need a VIP Tender Rib Boat for your Yacht?

Tender boats are necessary on small islands such as Paxos and Antipaxos. These islands do not have large, organized marinas capable to accommodate large and luxury yachts. As a result, the yachts are moored in the middle of the bay and the passengers have the ability to approach the harbors and any small beach with the tender boats.
Paxos Island

Rent the ideal boat for you in Paxos and Antipaxos!

When it comes to private boat charter, we know what it takes to deliver the total package of reliability and exclusivity.
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