Approaching the beach

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  1. We approach the beach at a low speed and in such a way so that we have a safe distance from rocks, swimmers and other boats.
  2. We either follow or go against the wind, according to the part of the boat where we we’ll drop the anchor (bow or stern).
  3. We go neutral and we drop our anchor.
  4. We immediately grab the rope of the anchor and we let it slide in our hand as the wind moves the boat away from the point where we dropped the anchor.
  5. If there’s no wind and the boat doesn’t move, then we set the boat the minimum speed forward in order to move away from the anchor.
  6. When we feel a resistance on the rope it means that the anchor has hooked on the seabed. We let the boat move further away until the rope is at an angle of at least 45 degrees.
  7. We tie the rope of the anchor at the cleat of the stern.
  8. We turn off the engine.
  9. If we want to go to the beach and take some things along, we can use the dry bag in the console storing compartment.
  10. If we want to go swimming, we lower the ladder.

The length of the chain, along with the rope from the anchor to our boat should be 3 times longer to the depth of the sea bottom.


Make sure that the boat would not located near rocks when the wind changes direction (image 1)

Do not intersect your anchor with anchor from another boat (image 2)

Do not leave too much distance from the anchor until the boat, when the wind changes direction is dangerous to hit with another boat (image 3)

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