Leaving the port

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  1. We check that the engine is under the water. If it’s not, then we lower it using the trim button.
  2. We check the fuel deposit of the fuel gauge of the boat.
  3. We make sure that the controller is on neutral, we check that the kill cord is in place and we start the engine.
  4. We untie the ropes at the bow and we gather our anchor.
  5. We reverse until we are far away from the rest of the boats.
  6. Once we are certain that we are at a safe distance from the rest of the boats, we turn towards the exit of the port, we go neutral, and then we move the controller to forward in order to leave the port.
  7. As long as we’re still in the area of the port, we move at a slow speed.


All boats turn with the stern. Do not move forward when you are close to other moored boats. Reverse until you are far away from them and then we move forward.

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