Approaching the port

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  1. As we approach the port, we lower our speed.
  2. Approximately 4 boats (20 meters) from the docks, with one hand we grab the steering wheel and at the same time with the other hand we grab our anchor and get ready to drop it.
  3. Approximately 3 boats (15 meters) from the docks, we drop the anchor in the sea, and we immediately hold the rope gently so that it can slide freely, while with our other hand we keep steering the boat to the point we want to dock.
  4. Approximately 1 to 2 boats from the docks (5-10 meters according to the load) we shift to neutral and we start to break gradually, either by holding the rope or by shifting slightly to reverse.
  5. We go out from the boat very carefully having the ropes of the bow with us. We hold the boat so that someone can go in and out but also not too close to the docks in order to avoid a potential collision.
  6. When we find the right distance between the boat and the docks we tie the rope of the anchor at the stern cleat and the bow ropes at the docks.
  7. We turn off the engine.



Do not tie the boat with the ropes stretched – in rough sea the ropes will break or the anchor will move.

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