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  1. If there are more than 1 passengers on the boat, we sit in such a way so that the load is distributed accordingly and there won’t be any inclination forward, backwards or to the sides.
  2. We keep a safety distance (at least 50 meters) from the coastline and swimmers.
  3. If there are other boats around us, we keep a steady course and we avoid erratic maneuvers.
  4. The boat coming from the right side always has a priority.
  5. If two boats are moving directly towards each other, both are obliged to turn to their right.
  6. We always keep our distance from big boats / ships.
  7. If we notice that tailings of a large ship are coming towards us, we approach them at a 45 degree angle at a medium speed – not at the minimum speed, as it might lead to water entering the boat and not at a maximum speed because there is danger of injury.
  8. When we are driving a small boat, we are in open waters and we want to go fast, we keep the engine between 4300 and 4700 cycles. If you are driving a larger boat please check your boat’s manual for optimal performance.


No more persons than the number referred at the boat’s license should be allowed on board.

No people standing on the boat while it is moving.

Do not allow boat handling to a passenger with no skills.

Use boat carefully, avoiding dangerous maneuvers.

In case of causing an accident to other boat or person you must stay there and call the hire company, the port authorities and help the accident victims.

Do not go in organized beaches and close to swimmers.

Do not litter the sea or pollute with fuels or oil from the boat.


Every handling to be done in order to avoid collision should be clear – steady – timely.

Any change of route or speed done to avoid a collision should be discernible so as to be noticed by the others. Small changes of route or speed one after the other should be avoided.

When a boat floats along narrow channel or comes in or out a harbor should float on the right side of the channel/harbor so as not to hinder other boats.

When two boats with opposite directions meet in a way that a collision is possible, each one should change its route to the right.

When two boats cross their directions in a way that a collision is possible, the boat that sees the left side of the other should change route.

Every motor boat should move away from a route of:

  1. An adrift boat
  2. Boat of limited handling ability
  3. Fishing boat
  4. Sailing boat


For proper and safe boat’s navigation make sure to distribute the load accordingly, so that there is no inclination either to the front backwards nor sideways.

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